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Moletech International Technology Limited

Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Aftica

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 Moletech International Technology Limited (Moletech in short) has been established since 2005 in California, USA and transplanted her headquarters to Taiwan in 2006 due to Taiwan has the best manufacturer quality and innovation research and development supports.

Moletech is the combination of the word prefix from “molecule” and “technology”. Since 2005, we aim to research and development about nano-materials, bio-materials, and also the applications on home products and eco-friendly products. We manufacture our own materials, establish merchandise brands, and until today, we have more than 10 years experiences of nano-material application with many traditional industries.

With the advanced nano material surface treatment, dispersing technology, and equipment, it is possible for us to provide the nano materials, nano-coatings, functional membranes, and functional textile material and fabrics for the following applications: anti-bacteria, anti-fungi, st... [Details]