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Gilsonite, that`s also name "uintahite", "asphaltum" or asphaltite, is a naturally occurring solid hydrocarbon, a form of asphalt (or bitumen) with a relatively high melting temperature The mineral Gilsonite is categorized as a solvable material in oil solutions such as CS2 or Trichloroethylene Major component of Gilsonite is Carbon, while it contains several other elements including Sulphur and Nitrogenand some volatile matters . This inimitable mineral is used in more than 160 products, primarily in dark-colored printing inks and paints, oil welldrilling muds and cements, asphalt modifiers , foundry sand additives, and a wide variety of chemical products . A common application of Gilsonite is to use in bitumen blending. This application is fully practiced in countries such as China, India & Iran
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