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 Barite is one of the most common and high usage mineral with BaSO4 general formula which our company exporting this with any various grads, density, meshing and other specification special for some works like gas and oil drilling, medical and cosmetics, civil and constructions, fluidizing, barium chemicals, ceramics and lots other fields that mention in flowing. However, our most exporting refers to drilling barite which uses to making drilling mud.

Types of barite

Barite with expanded applications, also has high rang of variety which any of them, has special usage in different businesses which all of them supporting by ATDM company. This mineral generally separated in two branches crystal and drilling and they are different in meshing, density, hard nesses, and amounting of iron powder and etc items. also this mineral is available in meshing 200 to 2000, different densities between 1 to 4.5, different hardness and strong certifying like API or OCMA.

Barite packing

Barite by ATDM company exporting to all over the world with every type of packing referring to customer request. Also our packing involves expanded types like 15 kg plastic bag over wooden pallet until 1.5 ton jumbo bag which all of them guaranteed the safety of order and make transfer and shipment easy. Since this mineral has high density compare to other non-metallic materials, generally transfer by vessel and it is ready to loading and sending from different harbors to everywhere in the world and according to climate of destination, refers to packing type, it can be resist high temperature till 500 Fahrenheit degrees.

Application of barite

Barite mostly uses for gas and oil wells drilling somehow that ¾ of all this mineral uses for this way and also one of our basic goods, is mineral. However it has a lot of other applications like: making paper, rubber manufacturing and resin, textile, ink making, plastics, TV lamps, cupper oxygenating, X-ray lamp, brakes pads, car pile, crystal, X-ray and gamma absorbent and lots of other fields that our company manufacture and supply them to the universal market.

Specification of barite

Barite in order to high rang of usage in drilling, our companyhas focused on this job and one of our main products is drilling barite mostly with 325 meshing and at least with 4.2 density to get API certification. Also our other products involve variable types with specification like meshing between 200 to 2000, density from 1 to 4.5, different hardnessand different iron powder percentage, are available with strong certifications like API and OCMA, also all types are involved EPA certification which all of them make us pioneer in this field.

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