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group controller

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 group controller:

mode controller has 4ways、8ways、12ways、24ways、36ways etc.

depending on the model, the fight case or vertical control cabinet of the corresponding size can be configured.

in the past group control application environment, we  can only control multiple cranes, but it will expose many problems such as poor synchronization. the real-time load of each lifting point can only be judged by the experience of the operator, and is highly dependent on the operator's operating experience, so we hope to bring a revolutionary group control device, through the V6 built-in load monitor, real-time synchronous display of the load.

through a control device with on-screen display, we can realize real-time display of load data of multiple lifting points, which is of great significance for multi-task lifting, with higher security and easier usability.

after selecting the intelligent interface, the crane will get better stability performance.


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