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Bone Butter Mill (MGJ)
  • Bone Butter Mill (MGJ)
  • This bone mill can be widely use to process poultry bone such as chicken bone, duck bone, pig bone, sheep bone, cow bone, chicken skin, pig skin, fish etc, the final product can be widely to make sausage, ham, lunch meat, ball, savory flavoring, marr
  • 2014-03-13 14:07  [China(Mainland)]
  •   HENAN VIC MACHINERY CO., LTD  [Not Verified]
MSB Series Coarse Powder Mill (MSB1004)
Butter Mill (Ultra-Fine Grinder) (CMJ)
  • Butter Mill (Ultra-Fine Grinder) (CMJ)
  • CMJ-system butter mill is with good milling and crushing fuction, it can be widely used into micro processing different materials such as food, painting, plastic color paste, dye etc, and its especially can be used to process the materials with high
  • 2014-03-13 13:59  [China(Mainland)]
  •   HENAN VIC MACHINERY CO., LTD  [Not Verified]
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