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Mini Pressure Switches (YWK-18)

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Packing: Inner Box, Carton
Unit Price: negotiate face to face
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China(Mainland)
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2014-03-05 21:31
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The sensor of Switches is Diaphragm type, it has advantages as Hi-pressure endurable, long working life, compact structure, and small volume. Ambient temperature: -25ºC~+40ºC Electrical rating: AC 220V, 6A(Resistance) Repeatablity Error: ≤ 2% Protection Class of Enclosure: IP65 Medium Temperature: -25ºC~+80ºC Working Viscosity: ≤ 1x10-3m2/s Anti-Vibration: Max: 100m/s2 Working Life: 1x105 Weight: 0.23kg The Adjustment for Set Point [Example] Choose Switch with Pressure Range from 2.4Mpa to 24Mpa, a contact signal is required to be generated when pressure falls to 15Mpa(The Decreasing Set Point), see steps as following: 1 To screw the switch into connection of Oil Pressure Checkout Test Set. Exert pressure on it for 2 minutes simulate its practical working situation, thereafter to make the setting. 2 Link the Out-put lead with Multimeter. 3 Screw-off the screws of the housing. 4 Add the pressure to 15Mpa, this value can be read from the standarded pressure gauge. 5 Use socket screwwrench (Φ 3mm), clockwise rotate the Set-point Adjusting Bolt, to make the Set-Point become bigger, until it switches at 15Mpa. 6 Vering the testing pressure to make it change up and down arround 15Mpa, check if the Switch switches at 15Mpa when pressure is falling, this value is the Decreasing Set Point need to be set, the correspondent Increasing Set Point is within 16.9Mpa to 18Mpa. 7 Tighten the Locknut.

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