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Shenzhen Grephon Technology Industry Co., Ltd.(Stevin ,8-6-1-3-4-8-0-7-3-3-8-0-5)is a professional  office intelligent  LED Panel Light  wholesalers.

     Through the application of LED Panel Light, office lighting energy saving energy saving, now add intelligence technology, LED intelligent lighting domineering to office buildings, convenient save electricity, also build different office atmosphere.

     LED intelligent lighting system operation, it is full automatic working state, can through the system control LED lighting work .For example, comes in the morning, the light will automatically dimmed, and light will automatically adjust to the people the most comfortable level vision .In the area of a window, system intelligent induction outdoor natural light, when the weather is sunny, indoor lighting dim automatically; Weather dark, indoor light automatically adjustable bright, perfect according to the actual situation of the actual need of the light rays.
     When night falls, the system automatically enter night mode, light as the day slowly dimmed, light slowly brighten, ensure employees to adapt to the transform of the light.
     In addition, still can use manual control panel, according to different time of day, different USES for preset lighting scenes, carefully just calls when using preset best lighting scene, make the guest produces new visual effect .Changed the area light.

     Grephon LED Lighting at present the development of office intelligent Lighting system for the LED Panel Light are beginning to try, the Grephon Group office warm home inns, employees are feeling pretty good.


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Shenzhen best Indoor LED Panel Light sales Manufacturer Shenzhen new office intelligent LED Panel Light wholesalers
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