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Drum Type Shot Blasting Machine / Qingdao Q311

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Updated on: 2014-03-12 11:07
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Shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine, Qingdao, Huaqing Foundry Machinery, steel plate pretreatment line, sand mixer, Q378 Q376 hook type shot blasting machine, Q3210 Q326 crawler-type shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine hanging chain, roller-type shot blasting machine, shot blast cleaning machine through type, steel shot blasting machine, rotary blast machines, shot blasting machine wearing parts / accessories / wear-resistant castings / all kinds of shot blasting devices, sand processing equipment Drum-type shot blasting machine Our company mainly has the following advantages: - To be completed by the workpiece rotation functions such as flip shot blasting - Use of popular forms of non-pit, saving the foundation pit construction costs of - Shot blasting device body and room layout have to undergo a computer simulation of three-dimensional dynamic projectile determined to throw a projectile stream of coverage area and accurate coverage of the workpiece surface, shot from the workpiece in all directions at the same time threw the workpiece surface. - Adoption of the Swiss JF's high-speed projectile cantilever centrifugal blasting device, can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and the quality of a satisfactory clean-up - Machine design the novel, easy to operate and repair

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