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Egg Noodles

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Noodles 1. Flavor: Udon / soba/ somen / ramen /buckwheat noodle/ naked oat noodle / green tea noodle/ egg noodle/ extra thin noodle/ fresh udon/ fresh somen/ instant noodle/ instant fresh noodle in bowl 2. Packing: Noodle 300gx40/CTN, 1800ctns/20'FCL 500gx40/CTN, 1200ctns/20'FCL 1000gx12/CTN, 1800ctns/20'FCL 10kg/CTN, 2000ctns/20'FCL 25kg/CTN, 800ctns/20'FCL 200gx60/CTN, 1800ctns/20'FCL 400gx50/CTN, 355ctns/20'FCL 500gx30/CTN, 500ctns/20'FCL Instant noodle 40g x 40PCS/CTN 55g x 30PCS/CTN 60g x 30PCS/CTN 65g x 30PCS/CTN 70g x 30PCS/CTN 75g x 30PCS/CTN 85g x 30PCS/CTN 90g x 30PCS/CTN 60g x 96/CTN 55g x 96/CTN We can make any packing style according to your requirements. 3. Feature and Application: Noodles is such a kind of food, which is economical, convenient and nutritional. They can be used in supermarket, restaurant, and also the family etc. We can supply different flavors and packages from the materials to the tabletop usage. 4. Culture: Chinese noodles are the ancestor of noodles all over the world; They are renowned at home and abroad, with far-reaching impacts on the world's pasta culture. Italian pasta is evolved by the technology which Italy envoys - Marco Polo in the Yuan Dynasty take from China back to Italy. Today's Japanese ramen was actually made in 1912 by China's introduction of the traditional production skills of Ramen to the Yokohama. At that time, Japanese ramen, known as "dragon noodles", meant the noodles eaten by the Chinese people - descendants of the Dragon. Our noodles are produced by choosing the quintessence of the wheat, with auxiliary unique produce process; They will give you a different enjoyment on your tongue.

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