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) The natural zeolite is used to the ion exchanger adsorption stripping desiccant catalyst the material of mixing the cement2) In petroleum chemistry industry, it is used to the cat-cracking in oil refineries and chemical isomerization of oil; purification cracking and depositing of gas and liquid; soften the hard water desalt the sea water; specific desiccant3) In light industry, it is used for filler for paper making synthesizing the rubber plastic and dope. In the aspects of developing energy, electronics industry, used to adsorption stripping and desiccant4) In the agriculture, it is used to improve the soil, can bring the effect of protecting fertilizer preventing plant diseases and insect pests. In breed industry, make the additive of the feed, can promote the animal growth5) In environmental protecting, it is used to handle waste water waste gas, emersion or reclaim the metals ion from the waste water and discard liquid, take off the radioactive contamination from the waste water. Also reclaim the ammonia from the waste gas of the synthesize the ammonia factory, reclaim the SO2 from the waste gas of the sulfate factory, moreover, also adsorb the CO and ammonia from the other industry waste gas

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