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High Automation Busbar Chain Drawing Bench Copper Extrusion

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Address: China(Mainland)
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Updated on: 2014-03-14 11:54
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High Automation Busbar Chain Drawing Bench Copper Extrusion Machine Busbar Drawing Bench Busbar drawing bench produce busbar and increase surface hardness and quality. It is with high automation, high production little man power requirement and other charateristic. The drawing process, support movement, shearing are automticly. It saves man power and brings reliable purformace. This machine also draws copper tube, steel bar and other material. 1.Drawing force: 200KN 2.Bus bar size: up to 80X8mm 3.Production speed: 120 pc/min 4.Drawing lenght: upto 9 meter Drawing lenght adjustable 5.Surface quality: equal to hydraulic drawing 6.Man power requirment: one operator 7.Shearing: Hydraulic (no scrap) 8.Busbar surpport: automatic movement 9. Drawing cart return: manual or automatic 10.Power installation: 25kw

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